Huayi Ruichi automatic door technology is a professional company that designs, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains automatic doors (induction doors), floor springs, electronic access control and attendance access control at home and abroad. Automatic induction doors Series: translational automatic doors, arc-shaped automatic doors, smooth automatic induction doors, folding automatic doors and folding automatic doors. Brand of automatic induction door: GMT automatic door, Panasonic automatic door, Ruida automatic door, Stanley automatic door, gazer automatic door, DOMA automatic door, etc. Ground spring brand series: crown GMT, South Korea 3gm, Germany DOMA, Germany GEZE GEZE, etc. Beijing access control products: inductive access card reader, access control plug-in lock, access control electromagnetic lock, access control power supply and access control system maintenance services.

Established in 2006, Beijing Huayi Ruichi automatic door Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company specializing in high-tech door control system. Specializing in all kinds of automatic induction doors, automatic revolving doors, floor springs, door closers, access control systems and other equipment and related door control system sales, design, production, installation, maintenance and supporting projects. The company has business, engineering, technical services, R & D, marketing and comprehensive supply departments, a supporting processing plant, two construction teams, full-time departments, and can coordinate operations. It has become a prominent advantage of the company to provide corresponding personalized products and solutions for different customer groups. Its reliable product quality, unique appearance design, standard manufacturing technology and perfect after-sales service have won the initiative for the company in the ever-changing market competition. The company's standardized operation procedures and modern management mode, caused the industry and customers praise, and make the enterprise healthy development.